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Key Features

X-Y-Z Motion

Built-in accelerometer provides extra evidence for artifact detection algorithms and determines subject body position during EEG investigation

Online Impedance

Real-time impedance measurement mode allows you to control and store electrodes impedance values while EEG acquisition

Any Reference

Any electrodes could be determined like a reference and changed online while EEG recording is running

Memory Inside

Built-in 4 Gb microSD card for long-term ambulatory recording out of the lab. Simultaneous recording on internal memory and wireless EEG transfer via Bluetooth is available

Video EEG

Simultaneously video EEG monitoring of your subjects synchronized with raw EEG data

Android APP

Application for Android running devices for impedance control and recording operation


Electrodes set with 22 Ag/AgCl light sintered electrodes for subject comfort. Exchangeable elastic caps are available in seven different sizes (S, S/M, M, M/L, L, L/XL, XL)

Wireless Interfaces

SmartBCI provides Bluetooth interface for real-time EEG acquisition in different applications and as well as for recorded files upload to Dropbox or Google Drive from microSD


EEG recording with SmartBCI in extreme conditions on the subjects piloting an aircraft and driving a car. Simultaneous recording of the EEG and video streaming during piloting and driving for objective control of subject behavior.

BCI Controled Bot

Laboratory for Control of Complex Systems, Institute of Promblems of Mechanical Engineering Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg

Center for Neuroeconomics and Decision Making, National Reserach University Higher School of Economics, Moscow

Software compatibility

SmartBCI is wireless EEG headset for Brain Computer Interfaces design, EEG-based neurofeedback, qEEG research, video-EEG monitoring and ambulatory recording of electroencephalogram in the hospital and for out-door patients.

  • All
  • BCI and Neurofeedback
  • Mobile EEG
  • QEEG and Research

Android application that provides EEG recording operation and electrodes impedances control

Advanced research software for EEG and ERP recording

Neurofeedback application monitors specific brain activities in real-time

Application for real-time signal streaming to third-party application via Lab Streaming Layer

Our development platform for interactive apps which combine real-time biodata and machine intelligence to create stunning audio-visual feedback.

OpenViBE is a free and open source software platform dedicated to designing, testing and using braincomputer interfaces

Mobile Solution

Our new mobile application for Android running devices. It was designed for wireless SmartBCI devices operation and has many useful features.
• Simultaneously impedance measurement and EEG acquisition
• Online reference changing and accelerometer data display
• Subject information storage and data pushing on the Cloud
We record simultaneously both EEG and ECG data, display and store head movement from built-in X-Y-Z motion sensor. SmartBCI App can push EEG data from the microSD card to Dropbox or Google drive. Stay mobile and enjoy all these amazing featured with our wireless EEG solutions.

What is included ?


  • SmartBCI microbox in neoprene case
  • USB charging and data cable
  • Bluetooth v2.1 class II adapter


  • L size cap with 21 scalp Ag/AgCl wet electrodes
  • M size cap with 21 scalp Ag/AgCl wet electrodes
  • 4 Ag/AgCl ear clips
  • Syringe and needle set for gel* injection
  • Head cap cleaning brush
  • Storage case

Software package

  • Android APP for impedance measurement and recording control
  • Lab Streaming Layer utility for real-time data streaming to third-party applications (MatLab)


  • WinEEG software for QEEG analysis
  • Video EEG monitoring option

Technical specifications


24 EEG, GND, x-y-z motion


any EEG channel


real-time impedance during EEG acquisition


DC(0) to 70 Hz

Input Range

±150 mV

Input Noise

<1,5 μV (peak to peak) band 0,1-30 Hz, shorted inputs


24 bits ADC


–100 dB

Sampling Rate

250 Hz per channel

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